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3 Answers in YOUR Labs Your Doctor Isn't Telling You

You KNOW there is something wrong because you're suffering with symptoms.

I get it I've been there!!

It completely sucks to suffer and not have ANYONE listen to you. So what can you do??? KNOW YOUR OWN LABS!

Learn how to read labs like a pro (or like me) so you can be in charge of your own health and you can know exactly what's going on in your body!

Know whether or not your have a thyroid problem, a slow metabolism, messed up hormones, low iron, nutrient deficiencies, an autoimmune issue, an underlying infection and more...

And come on for $27 can you really go wrong?

We'll go over:

  • Getting Started and Weeding Through All of That Bad Advice

  • Wacky Symptoms Associated With Your Sluggish Thyroid

  • Labs, labs, labs

  • How To Get Testing If Your Doctor Says NO

  • What To Do If Your Doctor Says No

  • Time To Get A New Doc

And of course a COMPLETE guide with the labs you need as well as each and every optimal value (not just normal but OPTIMAL). This is not just for thyroid and hormone labs either! You'll have a cheat sheet for: thyroid, hormones, iron, nutrients, underlying infections, autoimmune conditions and more...